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Participating journals

Explore the different participation options available for publishers – Select, Connect, and Listing – on the left-side menu.

Authors are not restricted to these journals; Authors can include a link to completed peer review process in traditional submission to any journal of their choice. Read more about How it works

link to journal websiteAMBIOSelect
link to journal websiteAnimal BiologySelect
link to journal websiteAnnales Zoologici FenniciSelect
link to journal websiteBehaviourSelect
link to journal websiteBioRiskSelect
link to journal websiteBMC BiologySelect
link to journal websiteBMC EcologySelect
link to journal websiteBMC Evolutionary BiologySelect
link to journal websiteComputational and Structural
Biotechnology Journal
link to journal websiteEntomologica FennicaSelect
link to journal websiteEthologySelect
link to journal websiteEvolutionary Ecology Listing
link to journal websiteFrontiers in Zoology Select
link to journal websiteHeredityListing
link to journal websiteInternational Forestry ReviewListing
link to journal websiteJournal of Avian BiologySelect
link to journal websiteJournal of Evolutionary BiologyListing
link to journal websiteMycoKeysSelect
link to journal websiteNature ConservationSelect
link to journal websiteNeoBiotaSelect
link to journal websiteOecologiaListing
link to journal websiteOikosListing
link to journal websiteOrnis FennicaSelect
link to journal websitePeerJSelect
link to journal websitePLOS BiologyConnect
link to journal websitePLOS ONEConnect
link to journal websitePhytoKeysSelect
link to journal websiteSpringer Journals Collection, 2900+ journalsConnect
link to journal websiteZooKeysSelect

Journal eligibility

As a general rule, journals seeking to participate should be well-established in their respective fields. Exceptions are considered in fields already well represented in the service, and for journals from same publisher joining as part of a larger group which includes other, eligible journals.

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