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ProcPoS: peer-reviewed commentary journal

Editorial Policy

ProcPoS publishes Commentary articles which criticize, support, or introduce new interpretations or implications of other scientific articles, events and trends. Publishing decisions are guided by desire to bring forth useful and valuable scientific contributions that also reduce noise. A praising commentary for important article, or a decisive critique of an erroneous article or dead-end research trend, both reduce noise.

ProcPoS is selective. Commentaries must have value beyond expanding author's publication list, to deserve to be published.

Peer review, including potential reply from the target, is a key factor in evaluating whether to publish or not. However, ProcPoS does not delegate responsibility for editorial decisions to peer reviewers; editors must use judgment when considering reviewer arguments. Editor-in-Chief is responsible for publishing decisions either directly or by delegating the decision to suitable editor.


Conservation Biology


Evolutionary Biology
Environmental Science