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01 Dec 2011

I have served on the editorial board of various journals including Evolution and PlosONE for whom I was the section editor for evolution. I am currently an editor for the journal Ethology. My support for Peerage of Science arises out of a growing frustration with the current peer review system which is creaking at the seams under the weight of submissions, many of which are submitted to several different journals before they are finally accepted or the authors run out of enthusiasm and they disappear. I believe something has to be done about this situation, beyond moaning to one another about how many review requests we've received or had to send out, or how long our manuscript is taking to be reviewed. I believe that many aspects of the design of Peerage of Science are open to debate and may eventually be modified, but I think it has the potential to become a better system than we have at present.

Professor of Evolutionary Ecology at University of Exeter, UK.

My interests lie in understanding how evolution shapes the biodiversity and behaviour of animals. I use insects and other model systems to understand questions about how species form and the evolutionary consequences of sexual reproduction.

I am also co-organiser of an NCEAS working group ECOBIAS, examining bias in publication and dissemination of scientific content, and have studied effects of author profile on publication success.

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