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AoE Time Zone

Peerage of Science
08 Feb 2016

Peerage of Science changes deadlines to end-of-day at AoE timezone.

Peer review deadlines in Peerage of Science have been exact. That is, notification emails were stating deadlines like 20th March 13:57 (GMT), and at that moment, the process moved to next stage without waiting for anyone. This works, because people tend to respect deadlines that don't wait for them. Most of us are careful to meet a flight boarding time, for example.

The problem with this was it's binding to Greenwich Mean Time, and to lesser extent the fact that on other peer review systems deadlines are given as a date (not time). So occasionally reviewers logging in to upload their reviews in, say, North America, were surprised to find out that the process had already moved on, while their wristwatches (or calendars) suggested they were just doing it right before the deadline.

Hence, a change.

Peerage of Science will still continue to be strict, to the minute, on deadlines and processes shall move to next stage without waiting for anyone. But the minute is now set to occur at the end-of-day on the AoE time zone (Anywhere on Earth), and the user interface and the notification emails will just give the deadline date.

So, in the new system a deadline at 20th March means you have until midnight of that date, if you are in Howland Island on the Pacific Ocean (hope you have a decent satellite data-link from there). If you happen to live in New Zealand, and are crafty in calculating the last possible moment, you actually have until midnight of 21st March. Peer reviewers in the UK have until noon of 21st. But probably best to just stick to the date, and simply be sure you get your review or revision uploaded before bedtime on the deadline date, regardless of where on the planet you happen to be.

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