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Board of Governors

Juha Merilä

University of Helsinki

Mikko Monkkönen

University of Jyväskylä

Joseph Nocera

OMNR Research Scientist
Trent University

Tom Tregenza

University of Exeter

Blandine Doligez

University of Lyon

Board of Governors is responsible for safeguarding the primary purpose of Peerage of Science, and shall have significant authority over the CEO and Board of Directors.

Shareholder's General Meeting has the right to nominate individual shareholders to the Board of Directors, but all external members are appointed and dismissed by the Board of Governors.

Board of Governors decides the agenda for the Shareholder's Annual Meeting.

Board of Governors has the right to convene an extra Shareholder's General meeting at their discretion.

Board of Governors decides the remuneration of all members of the Board of Directors.

While the Board of Governors is chaired by one of the founders, other members are scientists representing Peers and have no personal financial interest in the company.

And finally, the Board of Governors itself is accountable to the Peers, who can dismiss Governors at any time by majority vote. As Peerage of Science grows, the Board of Governors will grow also to reflect diversity among the Peers.

The current members of the Board represent the origins of the initiative in the fields of Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology. New members from other fields of science will be appointed in the near future. Members are selected first and foremost based on demonstrated interest and initiative to contribute to the growth and development of Peerage of Science.

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