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Halfway leaderboard for Reviewer Prize!

Peerage of Science
09 Mar 2016

As you probably know, every year on August 25th Peerage of Science awards The Reviewer Prize, to the best peer reviewer of the preceding year. It is not judged by a committee - instead, the winner is determined by performance judged by your colleagues in evaluation of peer reviews. The winners have truly earned it, by demonstrating sustained excellence in peer reviewing work.

We are now halfway through the evaluation period for the 2016 Reviewer Prize. The race is far from settled.

In previous years, we have kept the leaderboard secret until the announcement. This year, we want to highlight the leaderboard at this halfway point, when you still have ample time to change everything with a few excellent contributions. So even if your name is not on the shortlist right now, do encourage colleagues in your field of research to submit their articles to journals via Peerage of Science, so that you can show the world how peer review should be done, and blaze to the top of the list!

Current Top 10:

  1. Francesco Maria Sabatini (2015 Honourable Mention)
    Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany
  2. Livia Zapponi
    IBAF, Italy
  3. David Fisher
    University of Exeter, United Kingdom
  4. Diogo Borges Provete
    São Paulo State University , Brazil
  5. Gerard Ridgway
    University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  6. Carmelo Fruciano
    Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  7. Mikko Mönkkönen
    University of Jyväskylä, Finland
    (Can't possibly win: Founders excluded in rules. Sorry Mikko! But good work!)
  8. Alexandre Budria
    University of Helsinki, Finland
  9. Staffan Roos (2015 Winner)
    RSPB, United Kingdom
  10. Jon Brommer
    University of Turku, Finland
    Bengt-Gunnar Jonsson
    Mid Sweden University, Sweden
    Aapo Kahilainen
    University of Helsinki, Finland
    Richard Field (2013 Honourable Mention)
    University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Remember, the Reviewer Prize is still six months away. The list will change. You might well be at the top on August 25th.

About The Reviewer Prize:

The Reviewer Prize is given every year to the best peer reviewer in Peerage of Science. The award includes a sum of 1000€.

The winner is determined on August 25th, by taking the weighted average of PEQ scores accumulated in Peerage of Science during the preceding year (weighted by the number of evaluations by peers, so reviews evaluated by more peers influence the average more), squared (to emphasize quality over quantity), and multiplying that by the number of reviews done (i.e. each review engagement contributes to the prize determination, even where the review is the only one for that manuscript and thus not scored itself).

The evaluations of review quality in Peerage of Science are double-blind, meaning all participants are anonymous. Awarding of this prize is therefore independent of academic rank and prestige, nationality, institutional affiliation, gender, or other personal characteristics.

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