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New features 1: Your own page

Peerage of Science
03 Jul 2015

You can now have your own page in Peerage of Science!

Since the beginning, Peerage of Science has featured Peer profiles, which showcase peer reviewing work. However, until now they were hidden behind the peer-wall, being accessible only to validated users. Not very useful, and not that easy to find even if you were in!

That has now changed, along with a wave of other enhancements to Peerage of Science. Peers can now display (or choose to keep private) their peer reviewing achievements to the world, at their own Peerage of Science -page. There's also an opportunity to give short bio, and display links to other sites where people interested in other aspects of your science (or photography, or life, or tweets, or anything you want) can learn more.

The page has quite prominent focus on quantitative scores, reflecting the core idea of Peerage of Science to measure and give academic recognition for quality in peer reviewing. There is four scores, and each will be explained in more detail in dedicated posts here. But when you go to view someone's page, you can simply click the little question-marks next to each score to view a short explanation what it is all about. Each revolves around quality of peer reviewing, instead of just tallying events.

Performance is directly affected by how high your Essays are scored by other Peers - but doing one more always pays, because N is a multiplier in the score.

Popularity measures how much others trust your reviewing ability - but it matters who trusts you: recommendations from people who have previously recommend Peers who score high in resulting Essays, weigh more.

Catalyst is a measure of your ability to predict and recommend who would do a high-scoring Essay for a given manuscript.

Finally, there is External, an entirely new thing in Peerage of Science. Your peer reviewing work - if done well - deserves recognition even if it is done outside of Peerage of Science. You can now easily get verified feedback and scores from editors for whom you do peer reviews the traditional way. But that's a story for another post.

If you are not a Peer already, now is the time to sign up!

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