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PLOS Biology and PLOS ONE

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24 Sep 2013

A new Connect -feature is launched today in Peerage of Science: authors are now able to submit to some journals directly from the Export -menu in their own manuscript view. Simply click the logo of the journal you want to submit to, and you are done.

We are happy to announce the Connect -feature starts with two great journals: PLOS Biology and PLOS ONE!

Editorial Director of PLOS ONE, Damian Pattinson says

"PLOS supports efforts that experiment with independent peer review to streamline the publishing process. We welcome innovative approaches, and look forward to receiving submissions through Peerage's new Connect feature."

What happens when you click a journal logo in your Export -menu? First, just like with the generic export, your manuscript becomes unavailable for direct offers inside Peerage of Science because it is now under consideration elsewhere (you can export it again to other journals as many times you want, but can not open it again for direct offers). Second, the editorial team at the chosen journal receives an automated email from Peerage of Science giving them access to the peer review process, author contact information, and manuscript and revision files. The submission is otherwise no different from a traditional submission: the journal decides on case-by case basis how they want to use the peer reviews available at Peerage of Science. They may make a decision immediately based on the reviews they already have, or they may want to obtain additional reviews before making a decision. In either case, the journal will contact the authors about how the process continues.

For publishers, the Connect feature is a great way to promote their journals. Also, if a journal is considering full participation but wants to get evidence of the quality and usefulness of Peerage of Science peer reviews first, placing a logo in the export-screen is a good way to trial the service and encourage submissions to gather data. The feature is also a low-cost alternative to full participation - publishers pay a flat monthly fee per journal logo, regardless of how many submissions they receive through the feature. However, the key editorial features of Peerage of Science - access to all ongoing processes, ability to send publishing offers, to access comparison data, and to participate anonymously but in editor role in the peer review process via comments or by sending referrals - are not included in the Connect feature.

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