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Choose when and where you want to invest your time and expertise. In Peerage of Science, you get quantitative, peer-reviewed, externally verifiable recognition and measure of your expertise in return for work done well. And while you always have the option of remaining anonymous, you can also publish your review as a peer-reviewed, citable commentary paper in Proceedings of Peerage of Science, or other journals.

Who qualifies to peer review in Peerage Science?

Access to Peerage of Science is for invited scientists only – but anyone considered a scientist by another scientist can get an invitation.

Invitation gives you access to the service, but does not yet make you a Peer. Before you get the right to review manuscripts and invite others in, our office needs external validation of your identity and qualifications – but don’t worry, it is an easy process you are guided through automatically once you log in.

Once you are a Peer, you can engage to peer review any manuscript – but remember, your expertise will be judged and scored by other reviewers!

Here are the three ways to get an invitation:

1. Submit a manscript

Send your next manuscript to Peerage of Science here.

Our office checks the identity and qualifications of new Authors; you and your co-authors automatically get an invitation if you have already published peer-reviewed articles in established international journals. If this is your first article, it needs to be peer-reviewed first – you will get an invitation as soon as the peer reviews are in, unless Peers recommend withdrawal of the manuscript.

2. Ask your colleague to invite you

Peers can invite other scientists, and especially if you are a biologist, chances are there is already a Peer who knows you and can send you an invitation.

Search for Peers from your institution, country or subject field here.

3. Request an invitation

You can use the form on the right to ask our office to consider inviting you.

Our office will embark the same procedure used to validate users to full Peer status, and sends you an invitation if conditions are met.

Please note that processing applications may take some time.

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