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  • Review less, yet contribute much more than before: you choose when and where you want to invest your time and expertise, and multiple journals can use your single review.
  • Get quantitative, peer-reviewed, externally verifiable recognition and measure of your expertise in return for work done well.
  • Remain anonymous towards everyone if you wish.
  • Discuss the science with authors, other reviewers and editors in a dedicated discussion channel during the process – anonymously or signed.
  • Recommend your trusted colleagues, by inviting them into Peerage of Science, or if they are already your Peers, by recommending them for a specific manuscript.

Who qualifies to peer review in Peerage Science?

Peer reviewing in Peerage of Science is allowed for validated scientists only – when you register, we will seek external verification from trusted sources for your identity and qualifications.

To qualify to be a Peer, you need to have at least one published article in an ISI-indexed or otherwise established peer-reviewed journal, written in English, as the first or corresponding author.

(NOTE: You don’t need to be Peer to be able to submit your own manuscript for peer review)

After you have been validated as a Peer, you can engage to peer review any manuscript – but remember, your expertise will be judged and scored by other reviewers!

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