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Reviewer Prize 2014

Peerage of Science
01 Sep 2014

The winner of The Peerage of Science Annual Reviewer Prize 2014 is Jan Engler.

The Reviewer Prize 2014 is a unique medal, and a sum of 1000€.

Jan Engler has been exemplarily industrious peer reviewer: during the year-long evaluation period he authored 12 Essays. Jan has focused on judging manuscripts in conservation biology, spatial ecology and biogeography, but in addition he has reviewed manuscripts in many other fields of biology. Particularly considering this diversity, his ability to maintain good quality throughout his contributions is impressive. Jan's reviewing work during the evaluation period has been evaluated 16 times in total, with a robust PEQ score of 3,958 (out of maximum of 5,0).

This achievement is all the more impressive given that Jan is a young scientist; he is currently pursuing his PhD at the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig in Bonn, and at the Department of Wildlife Sciences, University of Göttingen, in Germany. His research spans dispersal ecology, population genetics and niche modeling.

Congratulations Jan, you are setting high standards for Reviewer Prize 2015!

Honourable mentions for excellent reviewing go to the following three Peers:

Dr. Suzanne Osborne
Dr. Steffen Oppel
Dr. Ivan Maggini

Dr. Suzanne Osborne wrote four reviews in the field of medicine, with a PEQ of 4,333. Dr. Osborne is a Research Fellow at Cell Biology department at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. In addition to doing research in pathogenic bacteria, she blogs about science at The Ribosome

Dr. Steffen Oppel wrote three reviews in the field of ornithology, with a PEQ of 4,467. Dr. Oppel is a Conservation Scientist at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, UK , doing research on ecology and behavior of birds.

Dr. Ivan Maggini wrote three reviews in the field of ornithology, with a PEQ of 4,167. Dr. Maggini is a postdoctoral fellow at the Advanced Facility for Avian Research at University of Western Ontario, Canada, doing research on bird migration.

All journals out there looking for enthusiastic and qualified new editors in the future, keep these names in mind!

About The Peerage of Science Annual Reviewer Prize:

The Reviewer Prize is given every year to the best peer reviewer in Peerage of Science. The winner is determined on August 25th, by taking the average of PEQ scores accumulated in Peerage of Science during the preceding year, weighted by the number of evaluations by peers (i.e. reviews evaluated by more peers influence the average more), and multiplying that average by the number of reviews done (i.e. each review engagement contributes to the prize determination, even where the review is the only one for that manuscript and thus not scored itself).

The Reviewer Prize was first awarded in 2012. This year Peerage of Science is thus awarding the 3rd Annual Reviewer Prize, to build a tradition of recognition and appreciation for academic excellence in peer reviewing.

Congratulations to the winners, and many, many, thanks for all the peer reviewers!

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