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Reviewer Prize 2015

Peerage of Science
26 Aug 2015

The winner of The Peerage of Science Annual Reviewer Prize 2015 is Dr. Staffan Roos.

Every year, Peerage of Science gives The Reviewer Prize to recognize excellence in scientific peer reviewing. The winner is determined by peer assessment of the quality of reviewing work, as well as the quantity of reviewing contribution in the Peerage of Science community.

The Reviewer Prize includes a unique trophy and a sum of 1000€.

This year's winner is Dr. Staffan Roos, who works at The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Scotland, UK.

Dr. Roos' peer reviewing work was evaluated by peers in the Peerage of Science community seven times during the evaluation period, confirming consistent thoroughness and excellence in judging science in his field: Dr. Roos' average score is 4.607 (on a scale from 1 to 5).

"I am surprised and thrilled to receive the Annual Peerage of Science Reviewer Prize," said Dr. Roos. "Working in a science-led conservation organisation (RSPB), I believe that thorough and constructive review can help authors to publish studies that will aid the conservation of species and habitats in the long term. Clearly, peer-reviewed science is essential to successful conservation, and Peerage of Science fills an important role in achieving this objective. The review process is also an opportunity for me to learn; each review is unique, and as a reviewer I often find solutions to my own scientific problems whilst seeking to help others publish their own work."

Honourable Mention (score within 90th percentile of winner) is awarded to Dr. Francesco Maria Sabatini, who works at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. Dr. Sabatini's reviewing work was also evaluated seven times. Peer evaluations affirm the high quality of his peer reviewing work: Dr. Sabatini's average score was 4.555.

Congratulations to Staffan and Francesco, and many, many thanks for all peer reviewers in Peerage of Science for another year of better peer review!

About The Reviewer Prize:

The Reviewer Prize is given every year to the best peer reviewer in Peerage of Science. The winner is determined on August 25th, by taking the weighted average of PEQ scores accumulated in Peerage of Science during the preceding year (weighted by the number of evaluations by peers, so reviews evaluated by more peers influence the average more), squared (to emphasize quality over quantity), and multiplying that by the number of reviews done (i.e. each review engagement contributes to the prize determination, even where the review is the only one for that manuscript and thus not scored itself).

The evaluations of review quality in Peerage of Science are double-blind, meaning all participants are anonymous. Awarding of this prize is therefore independent of academic rank and prestige, nationality, institutional affiliation, gender, or other personal characteristics.

The Reviewer Prize was first awarded in 2012. This year Peerage of Science is thus awarding the 4th Annual Reviewer Prize, building a tradition of recognition and appreciation for academic excellence in peer reviewing.

About Peerage of Science:

Peerage of Science is an independent scientific peer review service, which has introduced several innovative practices to the academic publishing process. Among the core solutions are Open Engagement of peer reviewers by their own choice, Cross-Evaluation of peer reviews by other peers, and Concurrent Consideration of a single peer review process by participating journals. Peerage of Science is free for scientists, and offers compelling new solutions to academic publishers and other organizations that need high-quality peer review for their operations.

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