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Select: Conservation Biology

Peerage of Science
09 Oct 2015

We are happy to announce that the leading journal in the field of biodiversity conservation, Conservation Biology, is now among The Select destinations in Peerage of Science.

This means Conservation Biology considers manuscripts under peer review in Peerage of Science for publication; its editors have access to all peer review processes in Peerage of Science, and they can make direct publishing offers to authors at any time. Likewise, a Conservation Biology -button now appears in the service for all users, allowing authors to notify editors of their interest to publish in Conservation Biology, and allowing any Peer to recommend Conservation Biology for a manuscript.

Professor Mark Burgman, the editor-in-chief of Conservation Biology, said "Peerage of Science is an exciting initiative. In addition to using it as an editor to consider articles for Conservation Biology, I will also submit my own research to be peer reviewed in Peerage of Science. I look forward to the experience."

Conservation Biology, established in 1987 and owned by Society for Conservation Biology, has become instrumental in the science and practice of conserving Earth’s biological diversity. With high standards of quality and ethics in conservation research, Conservation Biology also encourages application of results to management, policy, and education.

Janne-Tuomas Seppänen, founder and managing director at Peerage of Science said "Scientists working with biodiversity conservation have been among the core groups in our Peer community since the very beginning. I am very excited to see Conservation Biology among the participating journals, this is great news to many authors and reviewers in Peerage of Science. I am happy that Society for Conservation Biology has such open-minded and forward-looking attitude to how articles are selected for publication, and I particularly look forward to working together with Mark Burgman. Such integrity and positive passion - an editor who not only confirms that author and reviewer arguments both must stand on their own merit rather than on the prestige of a name, but actually already actively seeks triple-blind approach in his own editorship where possible. I wish there were many more editors like Mark."

The Select now comprises 21 journal destinations. In addition, Peerage of Science features The Connect, which allows authors to export the peer reviews directly to over 3000 destinations.

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