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Why should your Journal use Peerage of Science?

  • Amplify your selectivity

The Referral tools, the reviews standardized to facilitate efficient extraction and comparison of key arguments for and against and about the significance of the work, the quantitative and easy-to-compare quality indices of the manuscript and the peer reviews, the Reviewer profiles, and other features give your Editors more tools for making efficient and successful publishing decisions!

  • Quick turnaround

Quoting Dr. Tina Heger, an Author: "I was amazed how fast the whole process was. The most striking event to me was to receive an offer to publish only 20 hours after the last phase of the reviewing process was completed, and 8 hours after I referred our manuscript to AMBIO using the direct referral tool of Peerage of Science." Your Editors may have been tracking a process from the start, but from Author's point of view your turnaround time can be zero. Also, rejection decisions are silent, as Authors are not aware when your Journal is tracking the peer review process.

  • Acquire best manuscripts - before they are submitted to other journals

Perhaps the most significant advantage Peerage of Science can offer for your Journal is the possibility for pro-active article acquisition! This is not the same as soliciting articles: here your Editors discover promising, independently submitted work early, track the peer review process, and if the work merits publishing, Editors can make a publishing offer as soon as all reviews are in. The peer reviews process will proceed to completion, without compromising objective evaluation as Reviewers remain unaware of the offer.

  • Lower cost

Traditionally, Publishers pay various costs for each submission and peer review process they organize – and with increasing quality, submission volume and selectivity come increasing rejection rate and thus unproductive costs. In Peerage of Science, your Journal has access to all peer review processes and can make publishing offer to any manuscript, but only pays for those processes where Authors accept the Journal's publishing offer. With our unique pricing model, organizing peer review becomes cost-effective!

  • Empower your Editors

In Peerage of Science, peer review management is an option instead of obligation. Editor still can solicit reviews from trusted scientists using the Referrals, just like they did in the traditional system, but this is optional; Peers in Peerage of Science engage as Reviewers in processes they find interesting on their own initiative, and strive to perform well and in time. The precious time and energy of your Editors is released for more important and more rewarding tasks, to steering your Journal towards desired direction. And Peerage of Science provides efficient and empowering tools for that focus as well: read more about what Peerage of Science offers for Editors.

  • Start two-way relationships with your Reviewers

When your Editors solicit reviews from trusted scientists with Referrals, they present Reviewers an opportunity, instead of straining the relationship with an unrewarded request. Reviewers gain personal benefit as a peer reviewed reviewing reputation from their reviewing work. With Peerage of Science, your established journal-reviewer relationships now can work both ways - experts your Editors trust can send personal Referrals to them, alerting early about work they consider attractive for your Journal. Reviewers can also get publications by writing commentary papers based on their reviews; these commentaries always cite the published article. Read more about what Peerage of Science offers for Reviewers.

  • Happy Authors

Peerage of Science submission and peer review process benefits the scientific community in numerous ways. By participating, even by just welcoming links to Peerage of Science peer reviews as part of traditional submission, you send a strong positive signal about your values.

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