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Splash for Science! [UPDATED]

Peerage of Science
06 Jan 2016

Happy New Year 2016 video greeting from the Founders.

And, launching #SplashForScience Challenge!

The Challenge:

Last three months of 2015 were awesome for growing awareness of our better peer review solution - the submission volume doubled, to 11 manuscript per month on average.

Let's start 2016 with another acceleration in submission rates!

If you, dear colleagues, send 22 or more manuscripts to Peerage of Science during any 30-day period before April, the Founders promise to make a Splash for Science.

That means we cut a hole in the ice of a frozen Finnish lake. Jump in. Wearing appropriate Peerage gear. Then upload a video of the whole thing here (and Youtube, and Facebook, and everywhere - humiliation guaranteed). Or if you happen to be in Finland at the time, why not come see the event from lakeside seats! Time and place to be announced when the goal is reached.

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