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The Annual Reviewer Prize

Peerage of Science
05 Dec 2011

In the spirit of its purpose, Peerage of Science is announcing the establishment of Annual Reviewer Prize. The Prize shall be given every year on August 25th, to the reviewer with the highest sum of Peerage Essay Quality (PEQ) scores accumulated during the preceding year. The First Annual Reviewer Prize, to be given on 2012, includes a medal and 5000€ award. You can download a poster from the link on the left.

The Annual Reviewer Prize is established for dual purpose.

First purpose is recognition. The contributions scientists make in formally evaluating research before publication are immensely valuable, and deserve greater recognition. Peer review deserves to be associated not only with debates about its shortcomings, but also with honour and achievement for scientists doing it well.

Second purpose is encouragement. The Prize is not bestowed by some grey-haired committee having more authority than justification of judgement; The Annual Reviewer Prize is explicitly awarded based on the measured quantity and quality of peer review done. By tying the Prize to the sum of PEQs accumulated during the preceding year (instead of the sample-size-weighted average, which is displayed in Peer's profile), Peerage of Science seeks to encourage both quantity and quality of contributions to peer review. Even if you have already advanced Science by contributing many razor-sharp reviews, it is always worth your time to contribute a little more. Obviously, it is not a secret that this encouragement also has a strategic dimension for Peerage of Science. By tying the Prize to a measure achievable only by using its services, Peerage of Science is openly encouraging scientists to start doing peer review via this service.

While this prize is established for the core scientific evaluation function of Peerage of Science, other things will hopefully become possible in the future. A large community of scientists with easy tools for organized, transparent and equitable peer review will be able to create something new for rewarding promise or achievement in Science. But that will be another story.

By Peerage of Science Team

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