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The Reviewer Prize 2016

Peerage of Science
05 Oct 2016

The Winner of the 2016 Peerage of Science Reviewer Prize is Dr. Francesco Maria Sabatini.

Dr. Sabatini's peer reviewing performance was judged 16 times by Peers over the evaluation period. The quality of his Essays was consistently excellent, earning an average Peerage Essay Quality score of 4.42/5. The Reviewer Prize is awarded based on this statistic, squared and multiplied by the number of Essays contributed. Moreover, Dr. Sabatini's contributions are not limited to this evaluation period; his Peer profile shows careful and high-quality work over a longer time period, as well as colleagues' trust in recommending him as a peer reviewer.

Dr. Sabatini is currently a post-doctoral researcher at Humboldt-University in Berlin. Winning this year's Reviewer Prize was not a complete surprise, because in 2015 Dr. Sabatini received Honourable Mention for excellence in peer reviewing. Hearing about his win this year, he responded:

"I'm very proud I achieved this result! PoS has been for me a gym for improving my review skills and it's incredible the amount of things I learnt through it.

I have always been a strong supporter of PoS from the very beginning. Nothing like PoS embodies the hope that the publishing processes may finally become more effective, efficient and fair. I hope my contribution will help this process of change and that I can inspire other people to embrace our view."

Here is an interview with Dr Sabatini (apologies for the low sound level and poor audio quality - best to listen with headphones):

We also congratulate the runners-up with Honourable Mentions in this year's Reviewer Prize nominations:

  • Dr. David Fisher, with a weighted average of 3.90 over five Essays judged seven times.
  • Dr. Livia Zapponi, with a weighted average of 4.11 over four Essays judged six times.
  • Dr. Staffan Roos, with a weighted average of 4.71 over three Essays judged seven times.

The Reviewer Prize is first and foremost an academic recognition given by the Peer community, but it also includes a sum of 1000€ in appreciation for high-quality contribution to peer reviewing.

Peerage of Science wishes to warmly thank all Peers who contributed reviews and participated in judging colleagues' reviewing work. Better peer review, and giving academic recognition such as this Reviewer Prize, is possible only thanks to all of You.

About The Reviewer Prize:

The Reviewer Prize is given every year to the best peer reviewer in Peerage of Science. The winner is determined on August 25th, by taking the weighted average of PEQ scores accumulated in Peerage of Science during the preceding year (weighted by the number of evaluations by peers, so reviews evaluated by more peers influence the average more), squared (to emphasize quality over quantity), and multiplying that by the number of reviews done (i.e. each review engagement contributes to the prize determination, even where the review is the only one for that manuscript and thus not scored itself).

The evaluations of review quality in Peerage of Science are almost always double-blind (with the exception of processes designated Onymous by authors). Awarding of this prize is therefore independent of academic rank and prestige, nationality, institutional affiliation, gender, or other personal characteristics.

The Reviewer Prize was first awarded in 2012. This year Peerage of Science is thus awarding the 5th Annual Reviewer Prize, building a tradition of recognition and appreciation for academic excellence in peer reviewing.

About Peerage of Science:

Peerage of Science is an independent scientific peer review service, which has introduced several innovative practices to the academic publishing process. Among the core solutions are Open Engagement of peer reviewers by their own choice, Cross-Evaluation of peer reviews by other peers, and Concurrent Consideration of a single peer review process by participating journals. Peerage of Science is free for scientists, and offers compelling new solutions to academic publishers and other organizations that need high-quality peer review for their operations.

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