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Transparent Review in Preprints!

Peerage of Science
30 Sep 2019

Announcing second part of our new collaboration with biorxiv.org.

Peerage of Science, together with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), EMBO Press, eLife and Hypothesis, today announced TRiP - Transparent Review in Preprints.

This collaborative initiative enables scholarly journals and accredited peer review services to post peer reviews to be displayed directly alongside a preprint in bioRxiv – regardless of whether the preprint manuscript has been accepted for formal publication yet. Several other groups plan to join the pilot later, including the American Society for Plant Biology and the Public Library of Science (PLOS).

This is an exciting development for everyone in open science, and for us an important complementary element in our integration with the ascendant preprint culture. Direct submission of preprints from bioRxiv into Peerage of Science became possible already earlier, and now this allows us to give back to bioRxiv and help further increase the value and impact of preprints
said Janne Seppänen, Founder of Peerage of Science.

Authors must opt in, inside Peerage of Science, before the reviews get posted to bioRxiv, but cannot exclude any reviews from the posting. The peer reviews are posted using CC-BY license, by default attributed to a unique pseudonym of the peer, so they remain anonymous. The reviewers are notified and have the right to have the attribution changed by Peerage of Science into their real names, to gain recognition for their reviewing work.

The first TRiPs are already live, see for example

Just click the big blue "Peer Reviews" button on the right side in a bioRxiv preprint

John Inglis, Co-founder of bioRxiv at CSHL said

The new project is part of broader efforts by bioRxiv to work with other organizations to help the scholarly publishing ecosystem evolve

Richard Sever, Co-founder of bioRxiv at CSHL said

bioRxiv already makes it easy for authors to submit preprints to journals and directs readers’ attention to online conversations around preprints. Transparent Review in Preprints expands this integration to peer review, promoting transparency and encouraging experiments by journals and other peer-review initiatives.

Dan Whaley, Founder of Hypothesis, said

“Using annotation to bring reviews to preprints takes full advantage of its promise, namely the ability to layer perspectives over original documents for the benefit of all. The scholarly process can only benefit when researchers can immediately know what they previously had no easy way to discover.”

For more information, contact
Janne Seppänen, Founder and Managing Director, Peerage of Science
Email: janne.seppanen@peerageofscience.org
Twitter: @JanneSeppänen, @peeragescience
Tel: +358-452337273

TRiPs with other participating organizations:
EMBO examples
eLife examples

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